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Offseason Road Map At first glance, the Marlins regressed in 2019, posting six fewer wins than a year ago. However, the long-term plan seems to be coming together, as the rebuilt farm system is now widely considered top-five in all of baseball. Changes are imminent in the dugout, as manager Don Mattingly is the only member of the current coaching staff with a contract for next year.

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The Marlins are also facing decisions on their pending free agents and arbitration-eligible players, with the likes of Starlin Castro and Martín Prado unlikely to return, and Adam Conley a big question mark at this moment. Who figures into the team's future plans and who will be replaced will be the big talking points in the run-up to the Winter Meetings in December and beyond.

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Upcoming Roster Squeeze   No. 1 Marlins prospect Sixto Sánchez is among the young names who’ll be Rule 5 eligible. Photo by Alex Trautwig/MLB Photos via Getty Images Thanks to a much improved farm system, the Marlins now have multiple top prospects that could be at risk of being selected in the upcoming Rule 5 Draft. To protect them from that fate, they’ll need to be added to the 40-man roster by November 18. These prospects include Sixto Sánchez, Jazz Chisholm and Lewin Díaz. Even with players departing from the major league roster to free up some spaces, Miami may find it difficult protecting everyone.

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In 2019, a grand total of 6,776 home runs were hit during the Major League Baseball season, an astounding 671 more than the previous record set in 2017. Fifteen teams in MLB broke their all-time franchise for dingers, including the Minnesota Twins, who hit 82 more than they ever had before. With new rules in place meant to hinder lollygagging and delays, the speed of the game increased as well.

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All in all, 2019 was one of the most exciting years to be a baseball fan in recent memory. Unfortunately, fewer fans were there to see it. According to the New York Times, total attendance across 2,429 regular-season MLB games dropped by about a million fans in 2019, to 68.5 million. And your hometown Miami Marlins came in dead last in league attendance: An average of just over 10,000 fans a night showed up to watch a rebuilding team that lost more than 100 games. That number wasn't just last, but hella last: the Marlins had 4,000 fewer attendees than the next-to-last Tampa Bay Rays.

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The Times spoke with a variety of teams across MLB that are fully aware that attendance will be an ongoing issue and are trying to think outside the box to fix the problem. Teams have already begun to issue "ballpark passes" that, like a Netflix subscription, give fans unlimited standing-room-only admission to games.

RELATED STORIES Miami Marlins' Attendance Is Historically Bad, but There's Reason to Believe It Will Improve Marlins Fans Are Confident Derek Jeter Has the Team on the Right Path, Poll Shows It's Time for Derek Jeter and the Marlins to Fire Manager Don Mattingly IF YOU LIKE THIS STORY, CONSIDER SIGNING UP FOR OUR EMAIL NEWSLETTERS. SHOW ME HOW For the Marlins' sake, they are trying something called a "ticket bank," which even the team's execs think could backfire. But they're giving it a whirl anyway while the product on the field is under construction. Per the Times:

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The Miami Marlins, who attract the smallest average crowd in baseball, are trying to woo fans with a host of new ticketing options. They include a "ticket bank" in which fans buy credits at a discount before the season that they can use to purchase tickets during it. But with dozens of ticket types, the Marlins risk angering fans who later notice they could have purchased their tickets for cheaper.

The hope is fans don't "second-guess themselves on their next purchase as to whether this is the right place, right location, right time," said Adam Jones, the Marlins' chief revenue officer.

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Most of the new innovations in ticketing are geared toward 20-something fans who didn't exactly grow up with baseball being must-see stuff — especially in Miami, where baseball has had a stench around it due to the Jeffrey Loria/David Samson years. Teams are also trying to combat rising concession prices, something the Marlins have shown to be aware of with their "3-0-5" menu, which has offered basic ballpark food and beverages at affordable prices.

With the 2019 Major League Baseball (regular) season firmly in our collective rear-view mirror, fans from across the country set their sights on the future of their respective teams. For some of those teams, eight to be exact, the future is happening right now, and each of them have visions of hoisting the World Series Trophy this year. Seven of those teams are wrong. One thing that they have in common with the 20 non-playoff teams, along with the Milwaukee Brewers and the Oakland Athletics, is that there will be more baseball to play soon enough. The Miami Marlins are no different.

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      TOP ARTICLES 1/5 READ MORE Phillies Leaning Towards Keeping Gabe Kapler?

Four-and-a-half months does not seem like a particularly long time, but for some, waiting for spring baseball can seem like an eternity. Since “wait ’til next year” became a yearly mantra for long-suffering Brooklyn Dodgers fans, every team but one has come up short, in every season.

The Miami Marlins have twice avoided the old colloquialism, but have somehow dodged a winning record for nigh-on a decade at last count. For the Miami Marlins in particular, eyeing next season has become a pastime of its own. With all this in mind, it’s only natural that we would want to prognosticate what this team will look like in the future.

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A caveat: This article is not taking into consideration the hazards and prizes of free agency, but is concentrating instead on home-grown talent – that is – players currently in the Miami Marlins system at one level or another.

Locally, it'll take a lot more than cheap Bud Light and chicken tenders to put asses in seats come first pitch at Marlins Park. The team needs to win, win often, and win for a long time to build back equity with a fan base that has lost trust and interest. If the Marlins' rebuilding project under Derek Jeter — one that has seen their farm system skyrocket from nearly last to among the best in the game — continues on the upward trend, the Fish shouldn't find themselves at the bottom of this list in the future.

Free Agent Possibilities (and Pipe Dreams) Yes, the farm system is now filled with elite prospects, but most of them are not yet ready to be called up, meaning that the major league roster may be thin on talent again next season. That is, unless the Marlins decide to dip their toes into free agency. With some big salaries coming off the books, spending to add established players is a possibility, and there are multiple avenues that the Marlins could take to greatly improve their 2020 outlook with a few signatures. Gerrit Cole and Anthony Rendon? Extremely unlikely. Yasiel Puig and Nick Castellanos? Now, those are some intriguing names. Hometown hero and veteran starter Gio Gonzalez is a realistic option, too.

Hank Aaron Award Voting  Miami Marlins v Philadelphia Phillies Photo by Mitchell Leff/Getty Images Public voting for the Hank Aaron Award—given to the most outstanding offensive player in each league—is now open thru Wednesday. Despite Starlin Castro's stellar .302/.334/.558 slash line after the All-Star break, Miami's finalist is an extreme long-shot behind the likes of Christian Yelich and the aforementioned Rendon for the National League award. Mike Trout is again a front-runner in the American League race, although Alex Bregman and DJ LeMahieu might have something to say about that.

In 2017, Giancarlo Stanton became the lone Hank Aaron Award recipient in Fish history.

Helping Hand Continuing to be an active member of the community, the Marlins collected and sent more supplies to the Bahamas this week to aid the ongoing relief efforts in the aftermath of Hurricane Dorian's devastation of the islands last month. All in all, the organization has now sent dozens of pallets of essential items with the help of local citizens, as well as donate over $12,00 to the Red Cross.

(Chief Revenue Officer Adam Jones was one of the team reps involved with loading relief supplies onto the trucks. He’ll appear as a special guest on the Fish Stripes podcast in our latest episode posting on Monday! Consider subscribing if you don’t already.)